architecture field trip!

On the 50th anniversary of a singular masterpiece, Price Tower Arts Center presents the exhibition Prairie Skyscraper: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower. The exhibition opens October 14, 2005 and will tour throughout 2006.

Described by its creator as “The Tree that Escaped the Crowded Forest,” the Price Tower was visionary in its time-and remains relevant today-as Frank Lloyd Wright’s only skyscraper.

Lost Tulsareports on how cool it is.
So yea.
I want to go.

I figure next saturday would be good, and since it's about an hour away from Tulsa, 'probably be best to make it there some time close to when they open, stick around for a bit, and have lunch maybe after or some such.

The Price Tower is open Sat from 10-5
Gallery Admission is $4 for adults.
Tower Tours are $8, which includes gallery admission.

so yea.
who's with me?!
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