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Ever think Tulsa was boring? Well what should we do then.

If you can't talk a friend into doing it; it can't be done

Random Fun - friends, random things, good times
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Ever just have a random event or thing you wanted to do... But didn't know who in the world would want to do it with you, and even if you should ask? Get tired of trying to explain it to more than one person, and over and over again?

Random Event's is a place for several things - here be the rules -

- People can only join when submitted by a friend already in the group. Have some one new? Post a entry about inviting them in and their LJ name, and they'll be added. This assures the feeling that your sharing with friends, cause they are the only one here! No need to worry about being judged or that no one will care - if you join up - you care about your friends. Also, this can grow our friend base; not that it's already a small enough world.

- Be nice. Clearly we could let this turn into a flame war like anything else ever put online - dinna do that, be glad you had a friend suggest you - be nice to new people - or even your friends; if you have to flame em, do it over IM :)

- Suggested events have to be at least somewhat random. Something we don't see day to day or at least we don't know about anyway. It's not a great place to put in mass advertising, nor is it the "Tuesday night cheap movie" idea or "your next lj meetup is here!" - this is where you should announce a random event you want to do, a party or local event coming up that you know of, or just a general idea for something random you'd LIKE to do with other's - but don't know if anyone else would want to do. If your attached to a 'mass event' or just a con or something random, and want to officially share it with your friends - go for it, jus no 'my cousin of a sister in LA' stuff, or you heard it down the street, there's TulsaTime for that.

- HERE'S THE COMMITMENT - One random idea must be submitted by someone every month. If this is of no use, and the member's signed up just to be part of the crowd, the thing dies and we are back on our own.

- We have to have fun with it. Random idea's are more than just welcome - they are INCOURAGED - and if you EVER felt like there was a place to just be free and think of random fun things to do, THIS should be your number one place to talk about it.

Want to arrive in the middle of Woodland Hill's Mall on a Friday night with pillows and just hit each other for 2.5 minutes? Let's do it. [this is alot like a flash mob idea though jus for the record heh] Just have the desire to head out to the Peach Farm or Norman for the day? Want company? Never been somewhere, and want to share the new experience? Tired of just doing the norm, or what you think your group of friends is used to? From just a trip to the lake or the upcoming Wrestle Mania, to a full fledged REALLY RANDOM event - it's something to share, and all have fun with.


Event Rules -

When you go to post a event, you must set the -

- Say it's a event or a idea. [idea explained later]

- Event Location. And how to get there if it's off the beaten path / not a normal place / outside Tulsa so forth.

- Event Date and Time. Be creative but realize some of us suck at being on time - please plan ;) [AND NO BEING EARLY JUS TO BE MEAN - if it's going to be set early in the morning, make a reason.]

- Explain the event, reason for wanting to do it; just a "want to" and or feeling to do it counts, jus give us some motivation ;)

exceptions = idea's - - you just have a place to go, and not a time? Want to be random on a open Saturday and have a set time too you've got coming up, just not know where to go? Got a theme but no clue as to where to carry it out, or how to accomplish it? That's fine. You just have to meet one of the criteria, and tag it starting off with 'idea'.


Life shouldn't be boring.

Life should be lived with good friends.

We always remember the times we spent doing something random or fun.. Out of the way excitement, or our 'first time' doing something.

This is jus a idea/experiment to see if a 'community' really can spark and support that.